Benefits of Medicare advantage plans

We can begin with a question – what is a Medicare advantage plans for 2019? It offers beneficiaries additional coverage for their health care needs. This is similar to Supplemental Insurance and it must be purchased by an insurance company. Prescription drug coverage is one of the most essential needs after benefits of any health care policy. With a plan, you can get this benefit. Another option for getting prescription drug coverage is through Part D. However, consolidating this benefit into the Medicare Advantage plan makes it easier for a beneficiary.

medicare advantage plans 2019If you have this plan, you will not need Medigap policy. Medigap plans cannot offer you prescription drug coverage, so people enrolled in these types are forced to look for other options to get that kind of coverage. People with these do not have to worry about it.

It provides Medicare parts A and B

These are designed to work in harmony with a Medicare, so having any of these, you are essentially getting a giant package in a same policy. Joining to it will provide Medicare Parts A and B, which a Medigap policy cannot do.


It is available in 98 percent of counties in the United States, making them widely available.

Good Value

The overall value of a Medicare Advantage plan is considerable, especially for those on a budget. These usually have low monthly premiums and require fewer out-of-pocket expenses than a Medigap plan. People enrolled in these plans will also have access to services and care that Medigap may not offer.

How to use the Plan Finder to compare all Advantage plans? is the best way to compare all these plans in your area. These plans provide medical coverage and drugs to a private insurer and are an alternative to signing a traditional health and prescription drug plan and prescription drug policy. (You must still pay the Part B premiums and you will usually have a monthly premium for this Advantage plan.)

This finder provides personalized information on the total costs you would pay for the year for your medications and average costs based on your overall health. It also provides details on the plans. The tool currently contains information on those for 2018, which can help people who are signing up for Medicare now. From 1 October, it will have information on the 2019 plans, which you can register during the annual registration period from 15 October to 7 December 2018.